About ISHIBA Development and Empowerment Centre

ISHIBA Development and Empowerment Centre was first founded as a multi-purpose Cooperative society by the National Director and Founder, Dr. (Evangelist) Elizabeth N. Praise in the year 2006. It was incorporated by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission and duly registered as a Non-Governmental Organization on the 25th of August, 2016 with Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

IDEC is a development centered and humanitarian organization seeking to pursue community development at the ward level (the smallest political geographical entity by UN standard). IDEC avails Humanitarian services to the grassroots; through trainings and empowerment of members in different skills and socio-cultural practices with particular interest in Agriculture, poverty eradication, health, education and rights/gender issues.

IDEC started as a cooperative development center with a mission to deliver both social and economic development services to identified target population. However, over the years IDEC has pursued vigorous community capacity building after conducting relevant behavioral researches (surveys) and rapid assessments to establish the extent or severity of poverty or poor Agricultural values.

IDEC has consistently been guided from 2008 to date through strategic adjustments, learning and reforms. Including the engagement of a UN consultant to position the organization’s administrative, financial and partnership base.

IDEC’s Sources of Finance
1. Consultancy and Training fees
2. Membership Registration
3. Farm Project
4. Rent & Service charges for fashion designs and allied services
5. Grants
6. Voluntary donations (from friends of IDEC)

Programme Intervention Areas
For consistency and effectiveness, IDEC shall organize its programme intervention along the following thematic areas:

• Agriculture
• Poverty Eradication
• Health
• Education
• Rights/Gender issues

Our Vision
Impartial, Independent, God ordained not for profit organization that works with and through the grassroot populace, communities and other development partners, with an exclusive vision of becomining Africa’s leading Non-Governmental Organization in development and humanitarian service to people of rural and peri-urabn settlements across Africa and the third world countries.

Our Mission
To generate funds and Aids through self help and grants for the provision of succour to the poor, disadvantaged and victims of disasters and conflicts