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What we do

God’s Word

We teach people the way of God, Which is very important in life. Without God in one’s life that mean disaster. We preach Jesus Christ as our savior and lord


We know that with a well empowered agricultural sector, Africa will faster than estimated be out of the map of world hungry people. This is not just because of food production, but also the amount of jobs and opportunities that can sprout from the sector.

We therefore make agriculture an integral part of our initiatives. We want to encourage more people to go into the sector, and empower them to achieve.

Our strategy is organizing seminars and workshops on specific agricultures with professional mentorship programs; supply of seeds and inputs, fertilizers, pesticides and provision of general production expenses. In every step of the way, we want to be there to offer the helping hand.


We believe in skills. Because, according to a 21st century economist, “all money you will make in this generation must come from solving a problem”.

We therefore want to make people problem solvers, so they can not only be relevant to their communities, but also achieve financial freedom for themselves.

We therefore engage in workshops and seminars; training youths, the less privileged, and the socially vulnerable in relevant lucrative skills, to help them succeed.


We don’t play down on the realism that what people really need is money. Most times, businesses can’t move unless there is startup money.

Because of this simple realism, we grant capitals to budding entrepreneurs. We also furnish graduates from our workshop trainings and seminars, who will need a little financial push to launch their trades, with capitals enough just to establish them. We are just there at any point of individual personal discovery and growth.

Health care

We are also present in the area of health. Free medical checkups, partly or fully sponsored medical surgeries, footing of medical bills, building of primary health care centers, and supplies of drugs to public health centers; are part of what we contribute to the society, to reduce tears and pains.


Education is the best legacy. And we in ISHIBA are interested in building long lasting legacies. We are eager to help young children and youths without means, but passion, to achieve academic excellence. We therefore embark on scholarship programs, free mentoring and consulting, supply of relevant educational materials to schools, donation of classroom blocks and equipping of schools with ICT and science laboratories. We want to be part of success stories

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SHIBA Development and Empowerment Center (NGO) is also a multipurpose cooperative society founded by Evangelist Elizabeth N. Praise in 2006,

but duly registered under the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission, on the 25th of August 2016 in Abuja.


Flat 4 Nissi Plaza Beside F.C.M Bank Kuje FCT Abuja

Helpline: +234-70328-70953



No 229, Enugu Road, near Fem-park Junction,

Ugwunkwo Nsukka, Enugu State

helpline: +234-70328-70953