1. What is a grant?

According to Wikipedia, Grants are non-repayable funds or products disbursed or gifted by one party, often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to a recipient, often a non-profit entity, educational institution, business or an individual.

Unlike loans, grants are not to be paid back.

2. Is ISHIBA like MMM or MLM (multi-level marketing)?

ISHIBA is not a money doubling organization (Ponzi scheme) neither is it a networking business. ISHIBA is a non-governmental organization (NGO).

3. Why are we paying to partake in a grant when you are an NGO?

ISHIBA currently funds herself, pending when the first batch of funding promised her arrives. This means ISHIBA organizes her seminars nationwide, operates offices in the 36 states of the federation, operates a standard website, and pays staffs and resource persons across the country, logistics and others, out of the money accrued from sales of membership forms which are N500 only. Still out of this money, we have empowered over 20,000 people this year with soft grants less than 100,000 naira and economic facilities.

4. What is the total cost of becoming a member?

The membership form is 500 naira, while the certificate costs 1000 naira and another 500 naira for general logistics. The total is 2000 naira only. Anything higher than this is not ISHIBA.

5. Has ISHIBA empowered anybody before?

ISHIBA has empowered so many and is still empowering. For now, we empower only those who are considered less privileged, like widows, orphans, people who need money urgently as a matter of life and death. We also pay hospital bills, fund surgeries and provide life supporting facilities and materials to people in distress.

Since February this year, ISHIBA has been giving out soft grants (money less than 100,000 naira), economic facilities (sewing machines and other production tools) to widows, distressed farmers and mini-scale entrepreneurs, and has spent over 50 million in doing this. So far, over 20,000 people have benefited from this scheme.

6. When is the grant coming?

The mandate to train and prepare 30 million Nigerians for business and agricultural grants came to ISHIBA in 2016 when ISHIBA still operated as a cooperative society. With this mandate, ISHIBA was obligated to expand and repackage her activities to become an NGO.

Members who applied to undertake projects between the costs of hundred thousand naira and ten million have to wait for the international grant coming to ISHIBA. There is no fixed date yet, but with the recent speed up of talks, we can assure you that it is almost here.

7. How will the money be disbursed?

There are over 1,000 microfinances currently registered under ISHIBA. These institutions will be assigned to properly interview participants, evaluate their business proposals to know the kind of businesses they wish to undertake and evaluate costs and make sure people get funds for just the business they want to do and to make sure their enterprises meets ISHIBA’s criteria.

ISHIBA’s major criteria includes that the businesses to be empowered must be agricultural ventures or businesses that employ at least one person.

8. Who is funding the grants (where is the money coming from)?

As part of her rules, ISHIBA does not disclose the identity of her sponsors or the international organizations she is involved with.


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