All that is required is patience

I wish to appreciate the general public and most especially the members of our Organization for the resilience, commitment and patience over the months. I assure you that we are doing everything under God and within our power to see that people are liberated and the level of poverty that has ravaged our Society is reduced.

However, I would like to clarify the notions and statements that has been circulated over the various media and social platforms as regards the long awaited and soon to be benefited grants.

Firstly, the said grant is real and its coming from compendiums of donors outside the Nation. It is coming through the Social Exchange Market (SEM), It is not a staunch of Money in ISHIBA coffers for distribution as greatly misunderstood by many people.

Secondly, for grant to be made available to people, they are procedures and processes that must be strictly obeyed. One of such in this regard is becoming a member of an NGO. We were given a mandate letter by the SEM to mobilize and enlist potential beneficiaries for the grant. This we did by ensuring everyone under our Organization, ISHIBA undergo a seminar and be trained in various areas of Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition. These trainings came with a stipend and at the end a certificate was issued to authenticate that you have undergone a training under the Organization and hence qualified for whatever benefit that will pass through her for the members.

Thirdly, you never paid any amount for Grant. Our Organization does not charge a fee to be granted, all that is required of you is to become a member and undergo our training in line with our thematic responsibility. However, the processes involved in grant making is what we have duly followed.

Finally, all that is required is patience as we cannot act desperate because of the incessant pressure from members. More so, due process must be followed to ensure our fight against Poverty, Hunger and Social Injustices is greatly achieved. I have decided to address this generally on our social platform for everyone to have access and understand critically.


We anticipate the grant to reach the intended beneficiaries in no distant time but I crave the indulgence of everyone to be patient and Optimistic.

Thank you all.

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